If you are with the family that likes to travel, you probably know the struggle of being on a road trip with kids. It is undeniably frustrating if you don’t know what to do. Kids will often have short attention span, so they always find something they want to do. Here are the best tips for traveling with children.

Take Your Time

If you will be on the road for more than 10 hours, stay one night at a hotel and continue the travel within the next two days, you should bring an overnight bag. This is where you put everything of your important stuff accessible so that when you and your family are up for rest at a hotel, you will not go through rummaging all the bag you brought to find a tissue paper. Also, remember to take a few breaks here and there. A kid will often want to keep moving. So, do some stretches at each stop.

family inside the car

Bring a Portable Potty

I understand that it is weird and quite disgusting, but it will save your life many times if you get stuck in traffic with your two-year-old kid and can’t wait for another 15 minutes to get to a crooked gas station in the middle of nowhere. You can find out good quality, clean, and convenient folding potty that is cheap.

Release the Energy Out

You might prefer going stops to a place that has playgrounds, so whatever the weather, the kids can release all their energy. Let your strategy be letting your kid play for a while, taking pee breaks, and getting go-to foods. This way, they can eat in the vehicle. It would not only kill time but since they’ll be sitting anyway, might as well in the car while on the road.


Take Advantage of Each Stop

If you want to stop for a meal, the best place is Cracker Barrel. They’re nice because they have a mini shop with toys and jewelry for kids to walk around and watch. This is a great way to stretch your thighs and have fun.

Bring Activity Boxes

Every before a family road trip, prepare yourself the “box activities” for kids on the go. Using a shoebox will be great for storing crayons or markers, so kids can put all the pencils on the flipped lid so it won’t roll anywhere in the car. Or fill a cup and put it on top. Sometimes we cover the shoebox with paper and let the children decorate and personalize it while traveling.

These are just a few of the things you should prepare if your family plans to go on a road trip and tag your kids along.