Exploring food photography means you should deliver the culture and story behind every dish you shoot. You can go to www.linsfood.com to learn more about the technique of food photography in advance. Exploring the food photography needs skills to highlight every dish to look more appealing for people. However, aside from that, As mentioned, it’s common for a professional food photographer to explore many kinds of dishes from different cultures. It makes them traveling around the world and the most wonderful dishes to shoot are in Japan. Here are the best food markets to visit for food photography in Japan. 

Japanese Food Market to Visit

When it comes to the Asian food market, people conjure up images of noisy, crowded, and cluttered alleys. However, this is not at all the case with Japanese food markets. While the atmosphere is nothing short of wonderful, food markets in Japan are clean and orderly, a relaxing and tasty experience for any visitor. If you travel to Japan, make the effort to visit at least once. Now, let’s take a look at the three food markets that I recommend visiting in Japan.

Kuromon Food Market in Osaka

This Osaka’s kitchen was first named Enmyoji Ichiba from a local temple. After the temple was destroyed by fire in 1912, the market was given the name Dark Gate or Kuromon in reference to the first black gate of the destroyed temple. Today, Kuromon is popular with tourists and locals alike, as it is home to numerous stalls selling fresh seafood. In addition, Kuromon is also home to unique traditional Japanese dishes such as Negiyaki, Tengu, Fugu, Kushikatsu. In addition, the market is located in the Chuo district, just minutes away from the popular Dotonbori and Shinsekai squares.

Nishiki Food Market in Kyoto

Shijo Street is the main shopping center in Kyoto. It’s also a busy one that is also considered one of the best in Japan. Famous for being the market where Kyoto’s best chefs offer their components, Nishiki is a haven for anyone exploring the intricacies of Japanese cuisine, with many stalls often offering samples or dishes from the market. In this food market, you can find the best Japanese dishes that you can take some photographs. These are Yudofu, Hamo, Tsukemono, and of course, Matcha. Matcha is a popular drink that is produced from green tea. The boiled cup of Matcha will be a great photograph worth million dollars.

Tsukiji Food Market in Tokyo

The many stores in the Tsukiji Outer Market remain where they were before. Second, despite the thousands of tourists who visit it daily, the Tsukiji Outer Market is still a must-see on almost any trip to Tokyo. In addition to a fascinating variety of freshly prepared fish and other Japanese delicacies on offer here, the lively alleyways offer a glimpse of what the streets of old Tokyo, i.e. Edo Market, must have looked like in the past. It’s no exaggeration to say that every corner and street is a traveling photo or selfie prospect.

Third, the market is still a great place to buy food components, such as dry goods. While the prices aren’t the best in Japan, what’s sold is obviously high quality, with stores catering to non-Japanese speaking customers. Maybe you’ll indulge in some new sashimi under the rising sun. On the day, you can sip some flower tea in a minimalist Japanese stall. You can also enjoy Edomae-zushi, Monjayaki, Ramen, and Soba.


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