We own a Ford Transit Van with a double-high roof. We use it for all sorts of things, one of which might be a caravan for one person. I am a sheep farmer and also an inspector of this rare Dutch sheep breed. Inspecting sheep all day long is exhausting. I would get in trouble if I had to inspect all day once, and then push again for a long time. I would fall asleep in the car and we don’t want that to happen. When you plan to turn your van into a temporary camper, you need to make a ‘what do I need’ list and know what size van you have. What you need depends on how basic you are willing to camp or what form of luxury you think you can’t do without.

Portable Toilet

I discovered this 2.8-gallon portable toilet and used it for my incredible satisfaction. I always carry my portable toilet with me when I’m camping. It can be very useful if you know from time to time. If you are going to buy this type of toilet, remember to buy the most important chemicals as well. You will need them to keep your toilet clean.

Freshwater Container

A freshwater container is vital if you travel long distances and therefore bathe in a van. Choose one that is not flexible, but rather solid, because it needs to be able to withstand some rough handling. I use a water container like this 7-gallon rigid container, except mine doesn’t have a filter. I have never noticed them in my country, but if I had the chance, I would buy one with a filter.

Portable Gas Stove


I like to bring only cold food such as sandwiches, butter, cheese, some pastries, and fruit. For dinner, I would buy several chips or other fast food items. These bars are not always available and I did not want to consume fast food all the time. After a long day of inspecting sheep, I enjoy making myself some cocoa. I can cook some eggs and make a meal.

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